I came here for prayers desperately looking for a job, a husband and I was sick too but after prayers with Bishop Harrison in the year 2010, God solved all my problems. I was healed, got a job and now I am married. Glory to God.


There was a time in the year 2015, I was tested for cancer and the results were Positive. I came to the church for prayers and Bishop prayed for me. Bishop told me I would be healed and surely, I was totally healed. Later I went for the same tests and the results were negative after prayers. May God bless Bishop very much.


Praise God. I came here one Wednesday very sick. I had stomach pains which had lasted for a whole week. I had been taking medicine for those days but all in vain. When I came here for prayers, the Arch Bishop said that I had “mishale (arrows)” in my stomach which were the cause of the stomach problem. After prayers, God healed me instantly and I went back home totally healed. Its now one week from then and I feel so good for the Lord has done great things for me. I Praise God and say thank you Jesus for the miracle and the healing. Thank you Arch Bishop for praying for me.


My daughter was not walking or talking. I brought her to prayers with Bishop and she got healed. She can now talk and walk.